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A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET REBOOT to begin production April 27, 2009

nightmareonelmstreet3pakistPlatinum Dunes has announced that principal photography will begin next month on its re-imagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street. With music video turned film director Samuel Bayer already announced as the film’s director, expect an announcement shortly on the casting of Freddy Krueger.

There were a few reports last month that producers were looking at Jackie Earle Haley (getting raves for his performance as Rorschach in Watchmen) as a strong possibility, but I still hold out hope that the previous Billy Bob Thornton rumors come true. To me his work in “Bad Santa” proves he has what it takes to put a really different spin on the iconic horror character. While hard-pressed to out do Robert Englund (a genre legend) in the role, Thornton would be a great choice. It would also create strong interest in the project and elevate its box-office potential substantially.

Of all the remakes this genre has and will see, I really think a new Elm Street film has the most potential, simply because Wes Craven’s original concept is tremendously scary with its ideas unlimited. Let’s face it, we all sleep and have the ability to dream. The concept here feeds into a real fear. I also hope that Wesley Strick’s (Cape Fear) script features the Nancy character as a strong central foundation to the story like Craven’s original film. That will be pivotal for the movie’s success. The casting of that role will also be very important. Look for this new Nightmare on Elm Street film to hit theaters April 16, 2010.


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