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LOST BOYS 3 DVD gets Green light

lost-boys-the-tribe-101According to Bloody Disgusting, Warner Premiere has given a green light to a second direct-to-DVD sequel to The Lost Boys. Evan Charnov (Fearless) will write the script. This story will reportedly focus on the Frog Brothers, characters played by Cory Feldman (Edgar Frog) and Jamie Newlander (Alan Frog) in the 1987 original. While Feldman co-starred in the first DVD sequel Lost Boys: The Tribe, Newlander’s Alan Frog wasn’t involved in the finished plot so he didn’t appear. He did film one scene but it was left on the cutting room floor. Cory Haim (terrific as Sam Emerson in the original) who appeared in the Tribes closing credits reportedly won’t be involved in this installment. His loose cannon behavior is a big problem and not worth the risk. That’s a shame as Haim really was an appealing talent during the 1980’s.

Direct-to-DVD movies seem to only exist as a quick cash cow for production companies and studios. It’s just bad movie-making with budgets too low for the final product to be anything much more than mediocre; exactly what Lost Boys: The Tribe was. Some are watchable, and I guess marginally interesting, but overall pointless. Still, I must admit, I really like Feldman in the role. He certainly gave it his all in the last installment despite the productions obvious limitations.


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