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WHO will Play FREDDY KRUEGER? Box-office news of interest and The Farrelly Brothers take on the THREE STOOGES

freddykrugerPlatinum Dunes and New Line Cinema start production on their remake of the 1984 classic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street on April 27, even though no actor has been signed to play Freddy Krueger as yet. While I had no problem with the idea of a Friday the 13th redo, I must admit I have mixed feeling about a new Freddy movie as I just know you can’t make a better film that what Wes Craven delivered in 1984. I certainly was intrigued though by a script review posted over at Latinoreview.com which was really interesting. According to the script, the high school setting will remain the same, but Freddy’s back-story will be more extensive in the new version. As the Rob Zombie Halloween remake proved, that is not always a good thing. The biggest question at this point still is; Who will play Freddy Krueger? We shall know very soon.

Watchmen Box-office:  As of this Tuesday the film has taken in $160,040,075 at the worldwide box-office. $99,409,463 in the U.S and $60,631,282 overseas with only a few limited territories left to open. With a year’s worth of hype, it’s hard to believe the film feels like a distant memory just three weeks after its release.

Gran Torino Box-office:  This is now the highest grossing film in the career of Clint Eastwood. $145,233,848 in the U.S and $60,900,000 overseas as of Tuesday and still going strong. Its combined total of $206,133,848 is pretty impressive, especially on a budget of a mere $33,000,000. If you’re a Eastwood fan, the movie is a must see. I don’t think anyone expected the film to do this well.
It’s interesting to read the many naysayers on the Farrelly Brothers (Something about Mary) Three Stooges movie which will star Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey playing Larry, Moe and Curly. I might feel the same way if the Farrelly’s weren’t such big fans of the iconic comedy team, but I have full faith this will be a really good film especially with the talent involved. What makes this project so interesting is that it won’t be a biopic. Penn, Del Toro and Carrey (who will reportedly put on 40 pounds to play Curly) will play the Stooges as if they were them in an original story. Considering the Stooges were a human version of a Road Runner cartoon, this should make for a dementedly funny time at the movies. I expect nothing short of a great tribute to a brand of comedy that was unique and wildly hilarious. This is right up the Farrelly’s wheelhouse and I think they will hit it out of the park. Look for The Three Stooges in theaters sometime in 2010.


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