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The Best ER episodes

er2009With ER ending its run on NBC after 15 years I thought I would look back at my 3 favorite episodes. I must admit I will miss the show greatly as I have watched from the beginning and have seen every episode. I still feel is a viable show that has plenty of creative juice left. While there have been many great episodes and moments in the shows 15 year history these are my 3 favorites.

Hell and High Water- Season 2, Original airdate Nov 9, 1995.  After accepting a job at a private practice, Dr. Ross (George Clooney) finds his inner hero when he rescues a young boy trapped in a storm drain filling up with water during a torrential rainstorm. There is no doubt that this is the episode that elevated Clooney into something bigger than the show itself. It was clear he was now movie star material and the breakout sex symbol that had women watching in droves. This was episode 7 of season 2 and drew 43 million viewers – the most that season.

All in the Family- Season 6, Original airdate Feb 17, 2000.  Perhaps the most disturbing episode of the series as both Lucy (Kellie Martin) and Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) fight for survival after being brutally stabbed by a deranged patient, as their colleagues try desperately to save their lives. Even when I see this episode in repeat viewings it’s still hard to watch, but it’s a really compelling piece of television that’s easily one of the series best. This episode attracted 39.4 million viewers, the most for season 6.

Orion in the Sky- Season 8, Original airdate April 4, 2002.  This show focused on Dr. Greene’s (Anthony Edwards) last day ever in the ER (he was dying of a brain tumor) and was a beautifully crafted episode that was extremely moving. While Clooney received the most attention and Noah Wyle appeared in the most episodes (254), ER was ultimately Edward’s show. He was the central figure that everything seemed to revolve around. He really had the Dr. Greene role down pat and when he was on the program it just felt like his show a little bit more than everyone elses. Considering the talent involved, that’s not an easy feat to pull off. I love when Edwards’ Dr. Greene uttered the classic line “Set the tone” to Wyle’s Carter when he walks out of the hospital for the last time ever. It catapulted Wyle into the show’s central figure thereafter. I like this episode so much I have it permanently saved on my DVR.


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