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Another INSANE idea from Rob Zombie for his HALLOWEEN remake

myersAccording to ShockTillYouDrop, in the currently filming sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, the character of Michael Myers will be seen without his trademark mask for 70% of the film. This is clearly another example of the wrong director doing a disservice to an established franchise. While Zombie’s first Halloween film contained a few interesting elements, the film pretty much collapsed under its own weight with Zombie’s fixation for exploring the Michael Myers back-story, a decision that sucked out most of the character’s mystic. Zombie’s fascination with trailer trash characters and his under-use of the Laurie Strode character were also glaring deficiencies.

While Zombie claims to be a fan of Carpenter’s classic original he clearly doesn’t understand why it’s so good. Now he decides to do something that has never been done in a Halloween film and de-mask Michael Myers for the majority of the story. It’s also been previously reported that Myers will be haunted by the ghost of his now dead mother; another idea I find ridiculous at best and pathetic at worst. In all honestly, is this a joke? According to the film’s makeup artist Wayne Toth, who’s quoted in the Shock article, the mask that Myers eventually wears in the last third of the story will be something totally different from previous incarnations. Why doesn’t Zombie have him put on a Fred Flintstone mask and really do something different? LOL. It is his vision of course, however ridiculous. The more I hear about this abomination the more I hate it. I can’t believe Dimension Films has allowed Zombie’s insane interpretation of the material to continue. It’s just insulting to fans of this long running franchise.


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