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If TERMINATOR: The SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES ends it goes out on a VERY high note

summer-glau2Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles wrapped up its second (and probably last) season Friday night with a very satisfying episode titled “Born to Run”. If this is indeed the show’s final curtain call, which I’m assuming it will be, this episode should please fans.

The main theme I will take away from the series was the ongoing commitment of the creative team to explore the psychology of the Sarah Conner (Lena Headey) character, knowing the apocalypse will be unleashed upon the world unless she can change the future. As portrayed by Headey, Sarah was a relentlessly somber woman which is a very realistic take on a person walking in her shoes. While this rubbed some viewers the wrong way, I thought it was an interesting interpretation of the character first played by Linda Hamilton in the first two Terminator movies.

As for this episode, it was quick moving with many highlights. Summer Glau’s Cameron, who been solid throughout, got to shine in this installment, pulling an Arnold Schwarzenegger with her raid on the jail were Sarah was being held. The visual effects of the carnage on her physical appearance were top notch all the way. She really is an interesting actress that I hope we see a lot more of. Beside Headey and Glau, I thought Brian Austin Green did fine work on the show playing Derek Reese. It was really cool when he makes an appearance in the closing moments of this episode, reprising his character who now exists in the future. It was a nice surprise after being suddenly killed off last week with a bullet to the head in the opening scene. I thought this was one of the series best and most surprising moments. While the writers clearly shoehorned the long awaited meeting of the Connor family with Shirley Manson’s Catherine Weaver liquid metal T-1001 terminator character, it still was quite memorable and provided an interesting twist.

As the episode ended with John Conner now in the future and Sarah in the present it can either be seen as a series final or an interesting beginning for a season 3. Until further notice I’ll take it as being the finale. Since the show has lost half its audience from season one (now down to 3.5 million viewers a week), it appears that Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles will be yet another quality show to bite the dust. When all is said and done I believe it will eventually be acknowledged as a solid series that can be respectively viewed in between the Terminator 2 and 3 films. I know I’ll look at it this way. While many will hope that WB can shop it around to another outlet, like a basic cable channel, it’s highly unlikely as the production budget would be a tough fit on one of those venues.


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