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24 to take place in NYC next season

sutherland_24_100208According to Michael Ausiello of ew.com, Fox’s 24 will take Jack Bauer to New York City for next season. While the first five seasons took place in Los Angeles with the current season set in DC, the groundbreaking program will have its next storyline set in the city that never sleeps. The now defunct CTU will also make a comeback and play a major role. It’s interesting how the producers of the show have absolutely no fear in their creative process as I’m sure there might be a minor backlash over bringing the terrorist themed 24 to the same city where the 911 nightmare took place. While the show will still be shot in Los Angeles, NYC footage will be mixed in.

This season has been an absolute blast. The show has never been more wildly entertaining with twists and turns coming at a rapid fire pace. One other big thing 24 has going for it this year is strong water cooler talk. Fan’s are really into the storyline which keeps upping itself week after week. While it’s not always grounded in believability, it has been totally involving and has become must see TV once again after last season’s semi letdown. Tony Almeida’s (Carlos Bernard) turn to the dark side last Monday was quite a revelation although I saw it coming once FBI agent Larry Moss told another agent to take off his handcuffs in recognition of his heroic work (I could almost see Bernard wink at the camera). With John Voight’s Jonas Hodges now detained, Almeida seemed like the only logical choice to become the show’s protagonist – at least at the moment. If not him who else? While there are few naysayer’s calling Almeida’s personality turn a jump the shark moment, I don’t see it that way. For me it was just another solid plot device to keep the surprise element of this season churning at full force. From a creative point of view I thought it really worked. Let’s see where the show goes from here. As for next season, NYC as a backdrop seems like a great idea. 24 has never been better.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of this year and was a bit disheartened about Tony (my favorite all time 24 character) and his turn back to the dark side. But I have a theory, He’s actually not bad and Moss was one of the Government Moles that Buchanan and Tony warned Jack about at the beginning of this season.

    It’s a bit of a stretch but i’m aloud to hold out hope.

    Comment by mikeragz | April 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Believe it or not Mike there’s alot of speculation about this very issue. Many on 24 message boards don’t believe Tony really turned bad. They believe we will see some sort of twist with that occurence last week. We will see Monday night. Bottom line- When you find yourself yelling back at the TV you know the program has got you really hooked!


    Comment by etbcoop | April 17, 2009 | Reply

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