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What HOLLYWOOD could learn from the SUSAN BOYLE phenomenon

With roughly 30 million people watching Susan Boyle’s wildly moving appearance on You Tube in just the last few days, I would hope Hollywood takes notice why her appearance on the popular UK show Britain’s Got Talent has emotionally touched so many. The one basic component for any successful Movie or TV show is concept followed by execution followed by a strong payoff. Sadly the majority of movies and television programs fail to achieve creative success from simply following this very effective formula. The 7 minute and 34 second Susan Boyle video appearing on You Tube was all three of those components perfectly packaged as well as anything could be. It’s like absorbing Rocky, The Karate Kid, Rudy and every other great feel good story in the span of 7 minutes.

After its concept is introduced, and its execution takes place, its payoff is as powerful as anything I’ve ever seen. I almost can’t believe I’m saying that but I am –  seven minutes of the best drug one could take. It’s called the beauty of life and the power of pure emotion. Now whether Simon Cowell and the other two judges knew this plain looking forty-seven year old woman had this type of talent before she walked on the stage is irrelevant (I’m sure they had some idea if not fully aware of it) because the audience did not. Their emotion and pure celebration was real and that’s why word of mouth on this You Tube clip is through the roof. I hope screenwriters study this video as a tool for the way a story should be presented. Concept, execution and payoff are laid out in full force here and, after watching this video over 20 times, I still find it elating. I can’t think of any higher compliment. If for some reason you haven’t seen it you will not be disappointed and if you want to feel good – at least only for a few minutes – I recommend it. Take a LOOK 


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