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WOLVERINE potential BOX-OFFICE plus GREEN HORNET gets sizable budget

wolverine-movie-poster_404x606Fox is reportedly predicting an opening weekend in the $80 million dollar range for its upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Despite the fact that the unfinished stolen print of the movie was downloaded over a million times in the last few weeks, the studio expects moviegoers to line up at least for its opening weekend. I guess if Fast and Furious can open to $73 million in business this prediction is not that far fetched. The big question at this point is – what can moviegoers expect? I think most people going into this hope for some solid entertainment but I doubt many expect anything that will really blow them away. A standalone film featuring a guy who has claws coming out of his hands just won’t be as thought provoking as anything in The Dark Knight. I think that goes without saying. With the studio already contemplating a sequel I would assume Wolverine at worst has some value, although this film will have a hard time attracting many moviegoers outside the core X-Men fan-base which, by the box-office of the first three X-Men, is fairly sizable. Let’s just hope it’s not the second coming of Elektra. To this day I can’t comprehend how much potential that film had and how bad it turned out to be. For the record I’m a big Jennifer Garner fan and couldn’t believe she agreed to do the Daredevil spin-off film after reading that dreadful script. As for Wolverine, I hope it’s a good movie but I must admit my expectations will be tempered going in.

green-lanternWarner Bros announcement that its Green Hornet movie will shoot at Fox studios in Sydney, Australia, with a budget of $150 million dollars is a little surprising. Not the location… but the budget. While the film will be directed by the very competent Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), the studio is giving a big boost of confidence to the characters potential appeal sinking in that kind of coin. With the average marketing cost of these types of film close to $50 million WB will be in for $200 million before the first ticket is bought. While superheros are still Hollywood’s hottest genre, the Green Hornet is not a surefire thing and this kind of budget makes it a sizeable gamble. Still, it’s nice to see that director Campbell will have maximum resources as he begins filming in November. Expect casting announcements to be made shortly.


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