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30 DAYS of NIGHT sequel to go straight to DVD

30-days-of-night-1In an interview with MTV News, Steve Niles, co-writer on the 30 Days of Night comic series, said there is a sequel in the works to the David Slade directed vampire film 30 Days of Night but, most likely, it will go straight to DVD. While profitable, the film version of the intense and bloody tale wasn’t considered a huge success because it failed to cross the $100 million mark at the box-office. This appears to have banished the sequel to a DVD entry instead of a theatrical release.

30 Days of Night took in $39,568,000 domestically and $35,526,091 overseas for a combined gross of $75,095,087 on a production budget of $40,000,000.  I’ve already gone on record as saying I think 30 Days of Night is one of the very best vampire films ever made. Its unique setting in Alaska, scary vampires and terrific atmosphere really set it apart from many films in this genre – especially in the last ten years. It really reminded me of John Carpenters “The Thing”. High praise indeed but I believe it’s warranted. This sequel will be based on Dark Days, the follow-up story, and center in on the character of Stella Olemaun (Melissa George in the first film), who heads to Los Angeles after surviving the vampire attack in Barrow, Alaska. She intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben (Josh Harnett in the film), during the Barrow incident. While I’m glad a sequel is in the works it’s hard to get overly excited about one going straight to DVD. Lost Boys: The Tribe is proof of the mediocre quality these efforts usually produce.


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