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WHAT ARE THE REALISTIC BOX-OFFICE expectations for Paramount’s STAR TREK Reboot?

STAR TREK 5-8-09There’s little doubt that Paramount made the right decision to reinvent its Star Trek franchise. It was a brave move though since the last theatrical film in the series, Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002, crashed and burned, grossing a pretty anemic $42.3 million domestically (in its entire run), putting an end to the franchise at the time. With its fan-base not getting any younger, and the actors on both the original series and Generations also a bit long in the tooth (or deceased), the only logical solution was to go the reboot route. As we now know, that formula has been wildly successful for both the Batman and James Bond franchises so it seemed like the logical path to take.

Out of the ten Star Trek movies it’s interesting to note that only one, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, cracked the $100 million dollar mark. The box-office for most of the ten films was pretty solid for the most part (especially when taking inflation into account) until Nemesis’s massive failure both creatively and at the box-office soured the studio on Trek in general.

With reviews extremely positive for this latest Trek film, directed by Hollywood’s newest IT boy, JJ Abrams, and the studio unleashing an A+ marketing campaign, most industry watchers expect this new film to have a big opening weekend and solid legs. Current predictions have Star Trek opening in the $65 million range and possibly higher. I believe it could do better (I predict $80 million) but considering Star Trek is more of a cult than a religion, you never know how big its mass appeal will be. Will non-Trekkies sample what JJ Abrams is dishing up? This weekend that question will be answered. VIEW ALL STAR TREK BOX OFFICE RESULTS


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