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SCORSESE to bring the life of FRANK SINATRA to the big screen

VONRYANVIDEO1According to Nikki Finke, Legendary director Martin Scorsese has been signed by Universal and Mandalay Pictures to helm its biopic based on the life of Frank Sinatra. Scorsese, who won the best director Oscar for “The Departed”, is a perfect choice for this material since it’s quite obvious this has the potential to be a great film. One has to wonder, however, how deep Scorsese and screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams) will be allowed to go with Frank’s youngest daughter, Tina, as the film’s executive producer. Sinatra’s family has given Universal complete access to his music so I’m sure they will have some creative control over the way his life story is told in this film. It remains to be seen if Scorsese’s latest IT guy, Leonardo Dicaprio, (who stars in Scorsese’s new Shutter Island) will be his choice to take on the role of Sinatra. If yes, they would have to go the lip-synching route when Frank breaks out in song but perhaps that is really the only way to go anyway given the talent involved. Personally I would rather see an unknown play the part so we can focus on Sinatra himself, not the star playing him. Peter Guber (Batman) will produce the film which will be titled “Sinatra”. This is certainly one to get excited about.


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