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CLIFFHANGER Reboot… why?

cliffhanger_headerAccording to Variety, I Am Legend & Fast and the Furious producer Neal Mortiz has announced that he, along with StudioCanal, will team up to develop a reboot of the 1993 Renny Harlin action thriller “Cliffhanger”, which starred Sylvester Stallone. “Just as they rebooted Star Trek we’re going to do the same with Cliffhanger,” said Mortiz, who will produce. Unlike the original, where Italy stood in for the Colorado Rockies, the new redo looks set to feature multiple cliff-face locations. Reportedly the story will focus in on a group of young climbers but nothing else has been mentioned about any official plotline.

Personally I just don’t get it. Cliffhanger is not really what I would call a franchise property unless you continue to use Stallone and his Gabe Walker character. Once fans of the original find out that Stallone will not be involved, interest will be nil. Considering Stallone continues to make good action films (I really liked Rambo – and he’s currently filming The Expendables) why not bring him back for a sequel. I really enjoyed Cliffhanger and consider it to be the best non-Rocky/Rambo vehicle Stallone ever appeared in. The movie’s opening scene where the girl falls to her death is still was extremely suspenseful  and one of the best openings I can remember. I saw Cliffhanger in NYC Memorial Day weekend when I took my girlfriend Laurel, now my wife, into the city for a 3 day holiday weekend. We had a blast, although I still get nightmares about my American Express bill which was $1400 at the time. Hotels in Manhattan are expensive!


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  1. I agree – has anyone read a book lately – there are some great original stories out there…

    Comment by annetampabay | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh my god…WHY!?

    Comment by NICK | May 22, 2009 | Reply

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