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SPLINTER – Independent horror film worth checking out

splinter-movieSPLINTER Review:  I got a chance to watch this nifty little horror film on DVD over the weekend and really enjoyed it. While not overly original it was well directed, suspenseful and very well shot. First time director Toby Wilkins (a British visual effects pro) does a good job keeping things moving along at a breakneck speed. Its story isn’t overly complicated but it is effective. A young couple (Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner) and an ex-con (Shea Whigham) find themselves trapped at a remote and isolated gas station trying to survive a hideous parasite-like organism that is trying to kill them.

This is clearly a great example of a genre film shot on a low budget that works because it’s well executed and features solid acting. Director Wilkins borrows from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, confining his three characters to an isolated setting with the ominous threat lurking outside. At a running time of 82 minutes the film is tight and certainly exceeded my expectations. If you think the female lead in the film, Jill Wagner, looks familiar it’s because she has made a name for herself as the girl in the Mercury car commercials. Over and above her good looks she can act and has a very solid screen presence. The DVD commentary, which features director Wilkins and the film’s three stars, Costanzo, Wagner and Whigham, is very insightful – I found their take on what goes into creating a quality low budget movie really interesting. For horror fans this one is definitely worth a look. 3.5 Zombies out of 5. Take a LOOK at the Trailer


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