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TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen extended clip – Boy doesn’t that remind you of GREMLINS. It sure did for me!

This new clip from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was released by Paramount this week; it’s a scene between Megan Fox and the Decepticon Wheelie. While I know director Michael Bay used a lot of humor in the first Transformers film, which I really enjoyed, this scene makes some of the stuff in the original film seem almost serious. After watching the clip three times I can’t help but think that Bay has watched Joe Dante’s 1984 Blockbuster hit Gremlins more than a few times as the tone of this very scene feels like Gremlins with robots instead of well, Gremlins.

In many ways Bay’s Transformers was structured like Dante’s film as it featured a young outsider (Shia LeBeauf basically playing the Zach Galligan part), who gets the hot girl (Megan Fox filling in for Phoebe Cates) and they wind up trying to survive an invasion from a force they have never encountered before. There’s even a Gizmo cameo in Bay’s first film. (you see his likeness on the side of a truck in the film’s last act) If you think about it, this was and still is a smart move on Bay’s part. Gremlins was a great genre film that worked beautifully for what it was trying to do – pure entertainment and audience involvement with adventure and humor guided by an appealing young couple. I fully understand that not everyone digs Bays work, but I must say I do! What do you think?


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