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ROUTH an expired Superman, CLOONEY as Jack Ryan and INDIANA JONES to ride again

In an interview with a Brazilian website writer, actor Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) has said that his contract to play Superman has expired. While I’m sure he would come flying if Warner Bros asked him to don the tights for another go round the odds get less likely as time goes by. While I’m a fan of Superman Returns, and of Routh in the role, it just feels like the studio is in no rush to do another man of steel film just yet. If another director besides Bryan Singer tackles the property (most likely that will be the case) a new actor will probably be cast to remove any past baggage from a new director’s vision. While Singer’s Superman Returns has many merits, despite its flaws, the film was too much of an homage to Richard Donner’s original for fans to fully embrace it in a post Chris Nolan Batman world. It would actually be a shame if Routh never gets another crack as he was perfectly cast. They will be hard pressed to get someone as good.

According to a Kim Masters piece over at The Daily Beast, George Clooney has reportedly expressed interest in playing Jack Ryan in Sony’s Cear-and-Present-Danger-Posnext film based on the Tom Clancy CIA analyst character featured in four previous films. Since Clooney just moved his offices from Warner Bros to Sony it looks like this rumor could have some validity to it and I think it would be a smart move. Clooney is a true throwback, a real man’s man who has not had the type of movie career that he should have had, at least in my opinion. Stepping into a proven franchise property like this is a solid career move and he’s perfect for the part. Aside from the Danny Ocean films (not my cup of tea) Clooney’s only real action hero role was playing fisherman Billy Tyne in Wolfgang Peterson’s A Perfect Storm. I thought he did a great job in that movie and its ending is quite powerful. Personally I would love to see Clooney remake some of Charlton Heston’s 70’s films like Earthquake and Soylent Green. God knows he was perfect for the Planet of the Apes remake before Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg ruined the property. As for Jack Ryan, three actors have played the part so far: Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October; Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger; and Ben Affleck in The Sum of all Fears. My two personal favorites are Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears although all three actors who played Ryan certainly brought justice to the role. Let’s see if there any juice to this story but if Clooney’s in I’m all for it.

According to The Insider, Harrison Ford will be back one last time to don the fedora in a fifth Indiana Jones movie that would begin production sometime next year for a 2011 release. That would make Ford 69 years old when the film goes into production. While all movies are theoretically made for the money this would be one of the biggest cash cow projects ever made. According to Forbes, Ford was the highest paid actor in 2008 as he pocketed $65,000,000 off his share of the profits from the creatively bankrupt Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ford’s not running back to do another one because they have an amazing script, he just wants one more huge payday before he rides off into the sunset and most likely retires from acting or has a dramatically reduced workload. While I certainly can’t blame him I don’t have to enable him either. I wouldn’t say that I’m not going to pay to see it if it happens but I can’t get excited about it after the very disappointing last installment. Actually I would like to see Spielberg hand the directorial reins over to a new young talent and see if he or she could add some fresh blood to the material. Still a 69 year old Indiana Jones might be a little too much, regardless of how good he looks. While we’re at it how about Clint Eastwood as the aging Bruce Wayne in a film version of The Dark Knight Returns. Now I could get behind that and so would millions of other movie fans!


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