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Expect FUNNY PEOPLE to make sizable dent at box-office, BRUNO Backlash, Portman cast in THOR, IRON MAN Entertainment Weekly cover and EMMY nominations announced

I would be very surprised if Judd Apatow’s latest, Funny People, isn’t a nice sized hit with legs. Considering that his name has been on a lot of product as a producer, Funny People is only the third film that Apatow has actually helmed. Since his other two films were the 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up there’s no reason to believe that his fan-base won’t show up for this one expecting a solid story with a laugh. The Universal release opens on July 31 with the marketing campaign already in full swing. By the way, according to Forbes the star, Adam Sandler, pulled in $65 million in 2008. Not bad for a guy most critics hate. Not me. I can put on Mr. Deeds any day of the week and laugh myself sick.

Despite the fact that I believe Bruno is a wildly funny movie, the backlash against it’s over the top content will certainly cause a sharp falloff at the box-office this weekend. Barbara Walter’s went to see it and discussed it on her gabfest morning show The View this week. Her reaction is priceless. Let’s face it how often do you hear a 79 year old women talk about anal sex. Check it out…

Natalie Portman signed on to play the female lead and love interest of Thor in the big screen version of the Marvel comic book superhero movie The Mighty Thor this week. My question is; does the general movie going public really care about this project. While any and all comic book movies are going to get big time play on the fan boy sites Thor, at least to me, doesn’t come across as overly exciting. Give me Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Superman but Thor? I don’t think so. Marvel might be overestimating the audience for it and should think twice about spending a $150 million before marketing costs. I could be wrong but that’s my gut feeling.

Entertainment-today-iron-maSpeaking of Superheroes, Entertainment Weekly has the three major players on its cover of the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 as part of their Comic-Con coverage issue. This is the first pic of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. My only fear for Iron Man 2 is that they might be making it a year too soon. I would have had a lot more confidence if they took a full year or two just to write the script before going into production. We’ll see how this thing turns out.

One disappointment for me on the Emmy Nominations was the omission of Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton got the shaft again. Also unacceptable – the show didn’t get a best drama nod. Clearly the voting members are not watching. It’s high quality television week in and week out. In a bright spot, I was glad to see Cherry Jones get recognized for her fine work on 24 as President Taylor. She was nominated for best supporting actress in a Drama. Well deserved! Also Lost was nominated for best Drama. For my money it’s the best show on television. Here’s a complete list of nominees.


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  1. Funny about Sandler, I have always like HIM, never liked his MOVIES. I think Big Daddy was my favorite movie of his that I have seen. Funny People has some promise. We’ll see. As for Thor, I agree in large part. I have no idea wha tthe character is about other than he carries a hammer. No knowledge of his origin or anything like that. The budget seems risky you be sure, especially when you cast an unknown in the lead. Iron Man was successful due to Robert Downey Jr and John Favreau, plus a story at least some of us knew about; can’t see Thor touching that $300mm figure domestically though.
    The Rake

    Comment by thebsk | July 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Chuck when are you going to realize there are more than 500 Iron Man stories already published. This comic book character has been around since 1963 and each comic book could be a movie on its own. So you completely blow me away with your comment that you wished the writers would spend more time on a script!!!! – What are you talking about!!! Black Widow has been around since 1964 and Whiplash was introduced in 1967. I think they have plenty of scripts already – As to your comments about THOR!!! – Another Jack Kirby creation which had his own cartoon series way back in 1966. Tens of Millions of comic book readers back in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s read his adventures and this character is a can’t miss franchise. As for the director and casting its top notch!!! – Natalie Portman looks like Kirby’s Jane Foster and Thor in the hands of a genius like Kenneth Branagh will be a mega hit!!! – Hey Chuck read more comics like Watchmen and Thor and watch less of The View!!!!

    Comment by ZombieBoy | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. Zombie Boy- you clearly didn’t get your daily dose of raw meat. I still think Iron Man 2 was put into prodution a little to quickly. While there might be 500 Iron Man stories in comic book form it doesn’t guarantee that it will produce a great script. Especially in the relatively short amount of time from when the sequel was announced until it went into production. I hope it turns out great but I still think they should have taken more time before they got this thing rolling!


    Comment by Chuck | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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