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Top Ten reflections in 2009 so far by Chuck Curry

Star trek Spock10. The Hangover- Every summer a sleeper hit emerges and The Hangover is this summer’s version. With a domestic take of $227,567,151 to date on a reported budget of $35 million this is summer’s most profitable movie. A sequel has already been announced.

9. Watchmen- While it didn’t light the box-office on fire (a disappointing $182,735,282 world wide), Zack Snyder’s Watchmen is easily one of the year’s best films and, in time, should eventually gain the respect it deserves. This coming from someone who never read the novel. Watchmen had me nailed to my seat for its entire running time.

8. Lost- I can only wonder how JJ Abrams and his amazing writers will wrap things up on the final season of Lost which begins airing in 2010 on ABC. For my money it’s the most inventive television show ever created, or at least neck and neck with The Twilight Zone. It just doesn’t get any better than Lost!

7. Land of the Lost- Will Ferrell and dinosaurs don’t mix as Land Of the Lost was not only one of the summers worst films, it was also a huge financial loser for Universal. It has grossed just $56,118,746 worldwide on a production budget of $100 mil. Throw in marketing costs of $40 million plus and that’s what you call a tax write-off.

6. Biggest Box-office upset: It’s still hard to believe that The Haunting in Connecticut ($55,389,516) did more business than Sam Raimi’s critically hailed Drag Me to Hell ($41,553,100), this despite the fact that it wasn’t even in the same league in terms of overall entertainment quality. It’s a true head scratcher.

5. Bruno- Audiences loved Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat but it appears, by Bruno’s 80% box-office plunge in weekend two, that his antics went a little too far away from the realm of good taste for many. A real talking penis will do that every time. Still this is one funny film.

4. Star Trek- While a niced sized hit here in the States JJ Abrams Star Trek ($252,473,974 to date), like all the previous entries in the long running franchise, still wasn’t widely accepted overseas. Its $125,580.479 total to date is far less than most films that hit big domestically. While Terminator Salvation did an OK $123,348,698 here, it has grossed a pretty healthy $232,748,475 abroad, almost doubling Star Trek’s ticket-sales. I would expect Paramount to keep the budget of the next Trek installment in the $150 million range once again because of this continuing trend.

3. Late Night Wars- With David Letterman now beating The Tonight Show in overall ratings (Conan is barely holding on in the coveted 18-49 demo) one has to believe that NBC is sweating its decision to replace Jay Leno. While I really dig Conan O’Brien I never felt he would be a great fit in that 11:30 pm time slot, especially with The Tonight Show name attached. One has to think that maybe Leno is gloating a little bit behind the scenes as he gets ready for his 5 night a week show in the 10PM timeslot on NBC. I still can’t believe that is going to happen.

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- Truly the definition of critic proof. Only 19% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes and more hollow than a tin can the film has already out-grossed its superior original, pulling in $733,174,657 worldwide to date. Will Michael Bay helm the planned third installment? With the profit participation deal he has in place, how do you say no.

1. RIP Walter Cronkite- He truly was the most trusted man in America and all Anchormen and talk show hosts on the 24/hour cable channels should re-examine what they do and ask themselves how they sleep at night selling bias and hate. Cronkite defined an America that is no more. A sad fact indeed.


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  1. You didn’t even mention the #1 event of the year….It’s Harry Potter!!!!! – Watch more Potter and less Bruno!!! here’s by top ten
    #10 How could they screw up The Terminator so badly
    #9 Insert Transformers II where Terminator is on #10
    #8 Insert Land of the lost for Terminator in #9
    #7 Battle Star Galactica the best show on television screwed by the Emmy’s again
    #6 I’m sorry 20+ emmys for 30 Rock is utter nonsense
    #5 Star Trek and Harry Potter will get best picture nods now that Oscar has opened it to 10
    #4 Everybody dies – Cronkite dies at 92 Tom Watson dead at the British Open -Life Happens and then it doesn’t -I just wish Walter would have gotten his trip in space that was planned before the Challenger accident
    #3 Hey here’s an observation nobody is talking about -Over one million Iraqis have met violent deaths as a result of the 2003 U.S. invasion
    #2 ok back to movie reality – Watchman is my second favorite movie of the year ahead of Star Trek and behind The Half Blood Prince – This movie was a tribute to Alan Moore’s comic book and Alan is a real asshole if he doesn’t get that!

    #1 I’ve already said it – The new Harry Potter movie the greatest movie franchise in history!!! – Can’t wait for the final two. – Chuck why don’t you and your buddy Harry Knowles read them and find out why the rest of the world thinks I’m right!!!!

    Comment by ZombieBoy | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Interesting across the map reflections. I can’t imagine Michael’s death wouldn’t have ranked though. 😉 The Hangover became the top grossing R-rated comedy of all time this year. Pretty impressive as the studio was so ready to go with this that the sequel was in the works well prior to its release. Made stars of the three leads it appears too.
    The Rake

    Comment by thebsk | July 22, 2009 | Reply

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