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GEORGE ROMERO’s newest ZOMBIE film gets official title

romeroWhile it hasn’t gotten a lot of coverage, apart from a few websites that cover the horror genre, George Romero has made another living dead film. A trailer was released many months ago but the film did not have an official title until now. Romero’s sixth zombie film will be titled Surviving the Dead. I like the title and look forward to seeing the film but deep down, as a huge fan of his original living dead trilogy, I just don’t think it will have any real relevance. According to the press release Surviving the Dead is about a war-weary band of soldiers who are lured to a remote island that promises to be paradise on earth. They soon discover that even in paradise there is no escape from the appetites of either the living or the dead. Trailer

It’s hard to believe that the now 69-year-old Romero has been doing this genre for forty one years with his classic Night of the Living Dead breaking serious genre ground back in 1968. His 1978 Dawn of the Dead is still the most epic zombie film ever made; all the more amazing since it was shot a budget of around $1,000,000. His 1985 Day of the Dead rounded out the original trilogy and Romero is on record saying that is his favorite of the bunch.

Twenty years after Day of the Dead, Romero scored a box-office hit with 2005’s Land of the Dead (his first studio zombie movie) as that film pulled in $46,000,000 worldwide on a budget of $16,000,000. George went back to his low budget roots with his next zombie outing, Diary of the Dead, which was released in 2007. It barely registering at the box-office, grossing just $4,600,000 on a shoestring budget of $2,000,000. Considering what he had to work with in terms of money I liked the film when I finally caught it on DVD.  I thought it played as an interesting companion piece to Night of the Living Dead as it deals with the initial zombie outbreak. Yet it really cannot be mentioned in the same breath as his first three zombie outings, which are now legendary.

Surviving the Dead will be unleashed upon the world at the Toronto Film Festival’s Midnight Madness showings. What kind of theatrical release the movie will get after that has yet to be determined, but I would be surprised if it plays in more than a few hundred theaters. The film was shot on a very low budget and a couple of million dollars nowadays isn’t what it was in 1978 when he made Dawn of the Dead, arguably one of the five greatest horror films ever produced. Still I’m interested in seeing what the old zombie master can deliver with this new film. If it’s Romero, it’s certainly noteworthy!


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