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Ridley Scott RETURNS to ALIEN franchise

Alien_movie_posterAccording to Variety it appears that director, Ridley Scott, is going Back to the Future as he will not only produce the recently announced Alien Prequel for 20th Century Fox but will also direct it. The studio has also brought on Jon Spaihts (from the upcoming space epic Passengers) to write the script, which will be a prequel to the original 1979 film.

This new installment in the long running franchise will precede the original in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them. While commercial director Carl Rinsch was initially expected to helm the project it appears that the studio convinced Scott to climb back into the director’s chair.

When Alien first came out in 1979 the premise was original and highly effective. With John Carpenter’s Halloween released just one year before, audiences got their moneys worth with Ridley Scott’s scare fest. The project that had been pitched to the studio as ‘Jaws in space’ resonated with audiences and became a solid word of mouth hit. At the time Sigourney Weaver was an unknown but after the first Alien sequel her character of Ellen Ripley would become the greatest heroine in the history of film. What’s interesting about the sequel is that James Cameron produced one of the most fascinating follow-ups ever.  He took Scott’s horror concept and turned it into an amazing action film that I have no problem calling a masterpiece. The relationship between Weaver’s Ripley and the little girl Newt is an example of a script with a heart that elevated the genre to the very highest level. The film worked at such a high level that it almost guaranteed anything following in this franchise would be a letdown.

While the other two Alien films and the two Alien vs. Predetor movies were watchable time-killers they never approached the first two films in terms of quality. Actually, while I’m a fan of Scotts original film, I really believe James Cameron’s follow-up is the benchmark for any Alien movie past, present, or future. Sorry Scott fans but nothing will change my mind on that opinion.

While its nice to see a director like Ridley Scott return to helm another Alien film I still think, for the most part, that moviegoers have been Aliened out. It’s also hard to argue that the element of surprise is gone, especially with a prequel. Still I hope Scott can pull it off.


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