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First AVATAR Trailer

avatar 1This first-look teaser trailer to James Cameron’s long awaited, highly hyped, and top secret new movie, Avatar, has finally been unleashed and my first reaction is slight disappointment. While I have complete trust that Cameron will deliver a solid story to back up these visuals, the reported ground breaking CGI used extensively throughout this film looks almost cartoon-like on a computer screen. Those who viewed footage at Comic-con say this looks pretty impressive in 3-D on the big screen so I’m just going by my first impression seeing it here on my computer. In many ways it looks like a video game.

This is coming from a guy who loved Titanic and saw it seven times in a theater. I also think Aliens is one of the very best sequels ever and a masterpiece in its own right. I love Cameron’s two Terminator movies, think True Lies is a blast (that movie features some of the best pure action sequences ever shot). I’m also a big fan of The Abyss as I think it’s a totally unique experience. I’m still hoping that Avatar lives up to its hefty expectations. Take a LOOK at this footage and tell me what you think!


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