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THE BLOB to be REMADE under the direction of Rob Zombie

The_Blob_posterWhile I’m not surprised that another remake of the classic 1958 B-movie The Blob will happen (I’ve heard rumblings over the last few years), I was surprised when I found out that the project has gone to Rob Zombie. While I have no problem with Zombie doing his own thing with films like The Devils Rejects (while nasty it was a compelling watch) he would be the last guy I would go to when putting a different spin on a named property. For my money the guy is just too hardcore for this and the Halloween franchise. Although he has his supporters, I’m not one of them. I’m not saying he can’t do interesting horror, I just don’t want him to put his stamp on already existing properties as it’s obvious he has no respect for the source material.

According to “Variety”, Zombie says he’s come up with a bit of a different take than a big red blob, as it truly wouldn’t scare audiences in the least at this point in time. “I’d been looking to break out of the horror genre, and this really is a science fiction movie about a thing from outer space,” Zombie said. “I intend to make it scary, and the great thing is I have the freedom once again to take it in any crazy direction I want to”. That quote is precisely why I have a problem with Zombie. If you want to go off in crazy directions as he has done with the Halloween franchise, fine. Just don’t call it Halloween and defecate on Carpenter’s original. I’m assuming his Blob will be nothing like the terrific 1958 version (which was originally to be titled The Molten Meteor and filmed in and around Valley Forge PA) or the very solid 1988 remake (well directed by Chuck Russell) which added a few really cool twists to the The Blob 2story, including killing off the character Steve McQueen played in the films first 40 minutes, thus making Kevin Dillon the hero. Even though the 1988 version opened to terrific reviews (some critics compared it to Aliens) it crashed and burned pretty quickly grossing just $2,644,920 in its opening weekend and an anemic $8,247,943 in its entire theatrical run. In some ways it feels like the film doesn’t exist as it doesn’t get much play on television.

As for the 1958 version, it still makes for a nifty watch as it captures the feel of a small town perfectly and features a compelling Steve McQueen in his first starring role. You could argue that its story about an ever growing giant jelly-like life form that absorbs people while destroying the town is dated, but in the hands of another director I would be excited.

According to the trade, funding is in place to make this an R-rated $30 million film. Zombie will complete the script while he’s on tour with his new album this fall. Production is expected to begin in spring 2010. In this case I say BEWARE of Rob Zombie!


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