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RamboSavageHuntmovie20posteRight out of the horse’s mouth: Sly Stallone has given Harry Knowles of Aintitcool the official plot line (the one reported last week was inaccurate) for his next Rambo movie which is scheduled to beginning filming next spring. It will be titled Rambo V: The Savage Hunt. From the press release below it appears that Stallone will take Rambo into the science fiction genre and, in many ways, the concept seems more than a little out there.

Synopsis for ‘Rambo V: The Savage Hunt’
JOHN RAMBO could track anyone – or anything – on earth. Now the MILITARY desperately needs him for a mission that his ultrasensitive instincts tell him he should refuse. A BEAST is loose somewhere north of the ARCTIC CIRCLE. It has already decimated a secret research facility and annihilated a SQUAD of elite MILITARY GUARDS. And the raging CREATURE is headed south toward civilization, ready to wreak bloody devastation.

It’s a job that RAMBO and his 22 year old hunting partner, BEAU BRADY, can’t turn down. They and a highly skilled SPECIAL FORCES KILL TEAM discover that the prey is a terror beyond their wildest imagination, a half-human abomination created by a renegade agency through a series of outlawed genetic experiments. It has man’s cunning, a predator’s savageness, and a prehistoric power that has transcended the ages. And, even if RAMBO and BEAU survive its unrelenting hunger for human blood, they’ll still have to confront the grim reality that it may have grown immortal.

Really.  While I’m a big fan of Stallone and love the Rambo franchise it’s hard to believe he can sell this idea with a straight face after the last installment which was grounded in very harsh reality. While Rambo II and III where much more comic book in tone compared to the First Blood which launched the franchise, this new concept really takes the series off the rails. While I’ll be there on opening day simply because I love the Rambo character, this appears to be a move Stallone has made solely to sell the twenty-seven year old character to the broadest of mainstream audiences. This should be one interesting watch to say the least.


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