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The Green Hornet photos hit the net

Green Hornet 5The first set photos of the currently filming The Green Hornet movie have now landed on the net and I must say I’m as perplexed about this project now as when it was first announced. Why? Because it stars Seth Rogen. While I enjoy much of Rogen’s work (thought he did great work in this summer’s Funny People) he is not and will never be what I envision the Green Hornet to be. The Hornet is described as a debonair newspaper publisher named Britt Reid who puts on Green-Hornet-4a mask at night and fights crime with the help of his sidekick Kato (Jay Chou).

Maybe it’s just me but Rogen is the last choice I would like to see in this role. Even 30 pounds lighter I’m still not buying it. Actually it’s still a mystery as to what the exact tone of this film will be. Will it be a comedy, drama or a combination of both? My guess is a combination of both since Rogen co-wrote the script. Cameron Diaz also co-stars as his secretary Lenore Case, one of the few people aware of her Boss’s double life.

Green-Hornet-1Like it or not The Green Hornet hits theaters Dec 17, 2010. No matter what, this will be one very interesting project and I’m more than curious what the final product will look like. At the end of the day though, I’m still not thrilled that this is a Seth Rogen vehicle.


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