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This Week – Will Zombieland score at box-office, Neve back for more Scream, Another Lost Boys on DVD and TV roundup

Zombieland- This horror comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Jessie Eisenberg is getting such terrific advance buzz that it will be interesting to see if it can break the $59,020,957 overall box-office take of Zach Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead back in 2004.

Scream 4- Variety is reporting that Neve Campbell has come to her senses and signed on to join Courtney Cox and David Arquette in the fourth entry of the very popular horror franchise. Considering Campbell’s career trajectory since the last Scream film back in 2000, how in the world do you say no to a paycheck that has to be between three and five million dollars.

Edgar Frog - Lost Boys

Edgar Frog - Lost Boys

Lost Boys 3- This week Warner Bros announced a second direct to DVD sequel to the terrific 1987 original will go into production shortly, starring Cory Feldman as Edgar Frog. Apparently WB remains clueless about the true potential of this franchise. With everything vampire related hot as a pistol (Twilight, True Blood) the studio should have produced a new, high quality, Lost Boys for the big screen. These second rate DVD entries are an insult to fans of the original and a missed opportunity for the studio.

Flash Forward- The highly hyped new ABC show attracted 12.4 million viewers on Thursday night. I really liked the premise and, while the overall scope was held down by the confines of television, I will definitely be tuning in every week. Will this be the new LOST for viewers who like to think? I hope so. 

Taylor Schilling - Mercy

Taylor Schilling - Mercy

Mercy- This new series on NBC attracted a modest audience of 8.5 million on Tuesday night. Overall I really enjoyed this new medical drama which focuses primarily on a complicated nurse played by unknown actress Taylor Schilling. Whether this show lasts or not, Taylor is sure to keep working. She has an interesting presence and holds her own,  making for a very solid lead. This is a program well worth watching and deserves an audience.

A Beautiful Life- This new CW show produced by Ashton Kutcher is the first program of the new fall season to get cancelled. The show featured former O.C. star, and current Hollywood train wreck, Marsha Barton. Attracting an anemic one million viewers for episode number two prompted the network to pull the plug quickly.

Fringe- I’ve been perplexed since the network decided to move this terrific sc-fi head turner into the ultra competitive Thursday Night at 9 PM timeslot opposite powerhouses Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. This season’s second episode pulled in a viewership of less than six million people, a series low. While Fringe pulled in 57% higher ratings than anything else Fox had in that time period last year, I still wish the network let it piggyback behind House as its lead in on Monday nights this season. I’d hate to see another great show cancelled due to poor judgment at the studio.

Grey’s Anatomy- I think Shondra Rhimes has lost her mind! How else do you explain some of the outright ridiculous dialogue in the season opener Thursday night which had the cast members laughing during George O’Malley’s funeral. It felt like a payback to actor T.R Knight who decided to leave the hit show when his part was reduced significantly last season. Over all this left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt embarrassed for all involved.

Cougar Town- The new Courtney Cox ABC sitcom pulled in a solid audience of 12.4 million Thursday night and the show itself was very funny. I would argue that this was the ballsiest pieces of television a network has aired in quite some time. It almost felt like I was watching the FX channel. Cox is a talent and looks amazing at 44 years of age!

Heroes- Is anyone still watching? I quit two season’s ago!


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