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Weird coincidence: Food of the Gods comes back in my life

Food of the Gods poster

Food of the Gods

After going on Facebook today I noticed that the New Beverly revival theater in Los Angeles is going to show the 1976 B shlock fest “The Food of the Gods” Tuesday, July 26th, as part of a tribute to the movie’s writer-director Bert I. Gordon.  What I found amusing about this is I just watched Food of the Gods at my local community theater this weekend.

My friend Scott at the theater screened it for me Sat at midnight in DVD projection after I bought a copy on Amazon last week. I first saw Food of the Gods when I was nine years old at the Mayfair Theater in Brooklyn, NY. I think I saw it there 3 or 4 times and always enjoyed the pure craziness of what amounts to a giant ‘rats verses man’ movie.  Having now seen it for the first time in 37 years, I must say I enjoyed the heck out of it again. MGM released the DVD in 2007 as part of their midnight movie series and the print is quite good. Very good, in fact. Check out the trailer if you have never seen it and get a copy on Amazon now!


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