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Each Week week Chuck Curry and Michael Cooper bring you Movie and TV News & Reviews and debate their Top 5 favorites in different genres. It’s a fast and furious, fun, look at today’s big hits and yesterday’s classics. Let us know what you want to hear about. email Chuck 
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A note from Chuck
First off I would like to thank each and every person who has stopped by to check this site out. Since I started Entertainment Today and Beyond I’ve had a blast writing it. In a very competitive landscape I feel the site has given a unique perspective on Movies and TV – mine! ETB has what I believe is the most UNIQUE, best produced and highly entertaining Movie and TV Radio Broadcast and I’m really proud of that fact. My radio co-host, Michael Cooper, and I have developed a great niche idea that is getting tremendous feedback from all our radio listeners. Our fast moving program is filled with cool audio clips, one of the TOP reasons fans keep coming back to the site. Check out our Radio Show Archive. I personally want to thank my co-host and producer Michael Cooper, as he’s done nothing short of an AMAZING job both behind the microphone and as the producer of the program. I invite you to click on and LISTEN. I Hope you enjoy what you hear and keep coming back! Let me know what you think!

Michael and Chuck examine the 45 year history of Star Trek with top movies and episodes along with our review of J.J. Abrams re-launch of the series Star Trek Review

Chuck and Michael loved the Watchmen – Find our why – plus, if you’re tired of paint by the numbers network programming – try these edgy cable choices… LISTEN HERE

Coop and Curry review Oscar night LISTEN HERE  

Chuck and Michael hold their own Oscar awards show! LISTEN HERE

Oscar News & the Top Animated Movies of all time LISTEN HERE


Clint Eastwood’s Best and 2008’s Worst LISTEN HERE

2009 Must-See Movies LISTEN HERE

Top Movies of 2008 LISTEN HERE

Top Sci-Fi Movies. LISTEN HERE

Top TV Shows of 2008. LISTEN HERE

Top Christmas Movies. LISTEN HERE

Top Western Movies. LISTEN HERE

Top War Movies Review. LISTEN HERE

Top Action Adventure Movies Review. LISTEN HERE

Top Comedy Movies. LISTEN HERE 

Top Horror Movies. LISTEN HERE

Best Actors of all time. LISTEN HERE

Top Political Movies. LISTEN HERE

Top Sports Movies. LISTEN HERE

Top Movie Villains. LISTEN HERE

Top Movie scenes of all time.  LISTEN HERE

Top Movie Sequels. LISTEN

Top Disaster Films. LISTEN

Top Super Hero movies. LISTEN

Film Classics. LISTEN

X-Files, The Dark Knight and the 2008 Comic Con.  LISTEN

Chuck and Michael review Batman from the TV Series to The Dark Knight.  LISTEN


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